Feed With Creativity

In 2015, MM Company opened the doors of its Milan studio creating a calendar of events that illustrates the multifaceted reality of creativity; from illustration to styling, from photography to fashion.
The project #FeedWithCreativity transformed the studio with exclusive cocktail events dedicated to hosting a a selection of different artists.

“we have decided to conceive our studio differently from ordinary structures. we believe that in our historical context, sharing visions, confrontation and union represent winning choices. we, therefore, decided to step out of the spotlight and open the doors of our studio to the new generation of creative talents, we identify with, in order to promote the sharing of experiences and create networks, organizing workshops and small exhibitions. all encapsulated in the hashtag #feedwithcreativity an exciting calendar of events created for sharing -at all levels- our common desire: to make creativity the new driving force of doing”.

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la fille bertha

In April 2015, during Milan Design Week, MM Company hosted “Contemplation”, an exhibition dedicated to young Sardinian illustrator La Fille Bertha. A selection of 25 original illustrations explored the most profound meaning of thought, consideration and existence. Inscrutable, ephemeral, almost evanescent, the protagonists of the drawings appear to fluctuate in a timeless dimension; a sort of rarefied reality detached from the commotion of the contemporary world.

cactus digitale

MM Company hosted a site-specific installation by Cactus Digitale organization, celebrating the presentation of the first issue of the eponymous magazine dedicated to photographic research. “The painstaking research conducted online and on books allowed us to get in contact with contemporary young talents, including artists, photographers, illustrators and to provide them with a platform through he pages of the magazine.” On October 2017 MM Company chose this very magazine for the publication of its first advertising campaign.

michele chiocciolini

MM Company offered his space to showcase the creative talent of bag designer Michele Chiocciolini. The event that introduced the Spring Summer 2016 collection, was included in the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s official calendar of Milan Fashion Week and sponsored by A.I. (Artisanal Intelligence).

Erminando Aliaj

Photographer Erminando Aliaj was a guest of MM Company. His performance comprised 3 short movies, later awarded at the Tirana International Film Festival, that narrate the key stages of his career and life. MM Company’s studio was transformed in an actual movie theatre featuring large screen, chairs and popcorn, and an exclusive cocktail party.

daniele fortuna

Contemporary artist Daniele Fortuna staged his Colormination exhibition in the spaces of MM Company. The pristine white studio of MM company has been completely emptied to make space for the artist’s original multi-layered full-color sculptures. A chromatic and conceptual contamination that also engaged visitors during a cocktail party that featured a live DJ set.