Lectures and conferences

At MM Company we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and experience
in order to convey values and stimulate creativity.

“sharing opens up new perspectives; it’s not just about giving but also about receiving. when this is properly embraced, it allows to grasp the nuances of contemporary society from a different view”.

lectures in accademia del lusso and isgmd di lecco

The constant challenge of MM Company is to share knowledge, and mostly experience, with students, fostering their creativity through tangible projects.

Since 2014, MM Company has organized courses - Made in Italy and Luxury System, Contemporary fashion scenarios, Event Management, Retail Design, Brand Management – at the Accademia del Lusso, advanced training school in Milan specialized in fashion and luxury; and since 2017 at teaching Product Design at the ISGMD in Lecco.

conference in bogotà 2017
the power of branding

MM Company was invited to hold a conference in Bogotà, Colombia -within the IFLS conference program, the most important footwear and accessory fair in Latin America.

During the lecture entitled ‘El poder de las marcas’, Marco Magalini and Manuel Barbieri discussed the power of the brands in front of an audience of over 300 entrepreneurs and professionals of the sector.

conference in lahore 2017
the power of storytelling

MM Company co-founder Marco Magalini held a conference at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design in Lahore.

The subject of the seminar, that saw the participation of 100 Fashion Marketing and Merchandising students, was fashion and luxury brands’ storytelling.

The meeting was part of the program of international lectures organized by Accademia del Lusso.