Il nuovo made in Italy

In 2014, MM Company co-founder Marco Magalini published “Moda. Il nuovo made in Italy”; the stories of 12 talents of the new generation committed to handing down Italian manufacturing and design excellence.

Who are the present-day heralds of that Italian beauty and tradition of well-made that have determined the success of the Made in Italy around the world? This books tells the stories of the new talents (not just Italians) who decided to create and manufacture their collections in Italy and are responsible for the passing down of our country’s tradition of manufacturing and design excellence. Other than international giants, who is dominating the contemporary fashion arena of the Made in Italy?
What are their journeys and their goals?

Published by Giubilei Regnani, the book features a foreword written by Renzo Rosso, patron of Only The Brave (the group that owns brands like Diesel, Marni, Viktor&Rolf, Maison Margiela and Paula Cademartori) and afterword by fashion journalist and curator Federico Poletti and Mario dell’Oglio, President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers, the association that represents the most important Italian multibrand stores.
The book cover image is by illustrator Alvvino.

“fashion is a wonderful world. fashion is work, research, study, sacrifice. the italian fashion scene is always offering new names to the international market and those mentioned in this book are just some of them. young talents who are not afraid of the sacrifice and determination (obstinacy, i would say) that are necessary to survive and thrive in this environment. what i say to them is: “you are the future of this country, and it’s our responsibility to support you the best way we can. only think global, at all times, without ever forgetting the most precious heritage offered by our country -its tradition, history, taste and craftsmen- which your work will contribute to keep alive and renew.”

renzo rosso

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Moda, il nuovo made in Italy
Marco Magalini
Giubilei Regnani Editore

book cover by alvvino

Illustrator Alessandro Maffioletti aka Alvvino enhanced the book creating and designing its cover. Specialized in the collage technique, the artist put together a composition of elements drawn from clothes and accessories from the designers interviewed in the book.

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