MM Award – International creative award is the project curated by MM Company, to honour and promote the most promising talents and brands in the fields of fashion, product & interior design, while encouraging their connection with industry’s insiders, media and companies.

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the International creative award by MM Company
to honour and promote the most promising talents and brands.

MM Award is an annual award established by Creative Consultancy Agency, MM Company, in 2017 to identify and award the most interesting projects in fashion, product and interior design. In addition to recognizing merit, the MM Award promotes the connection with industry’s insiders, media and companies through targeted communication.

“it is neither easy nor common for someone to get involved and stand for ideals that place creativity and the future of new generations at the heart of his actions. here, at mm company we consider international scouting as one of our main research activities and we wanted to contribute to the system by offering young creative minds tangible opportunities for growth. our wish is to change the system at its roots, reflecting on the present, while looking forward to the future. an encouragement for companies and media to invest in the future, and therefore in the youth, in order to grow. the opening of businesses to young creative talents is the best possible investment.”


Special edition 2018

In 2018 MM Award was partner of the talent project “Footwear Innovation” by ACICAM, the Colombian Association of Industrial Footwear, Leather and its Manufactures. A free corporate&branding consultancy was given by MM Company to the winner of this special edition of MM Award.
cielo lizarazo linares
With the capsule collection “Protesta Ancestral” Cielo Andrea Lizarazo Linares was the winner of the second edition of the MM Award, in 2018. Industrial designer from Bogotá, Colombia, Cielo is the founder of the sports and footwear brand “Snakers Culture”. MM Company's creative consultancy has created a brand identity that connects the ideal of spirituality, associated with the ancestral cultures of South America, and the urban and lively style of contemporary cities. A dynamic exploration of the relationship between man and nature, made by carefully investigating the key issues of tribal cultures, multiculturalism within the megalopolises, as well as the relationship between global market and local production.

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