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Collezione Caleido: Design Muse moneyboxes

Muse, design moneybox, is the first piece of Collezione Caleido, the collection of objects curated by MM Company creative consultancy agency, in collaboration with Italian craftsmen.

Muse as “musine”, the Venetian word used for moneyboxes, as well as for the female figures that have always represented a source of poetic inspiration. Muse is a series of ceramic moneyboxes, composed of two distinct parts that together make up a female silhouette: the container is the body, while the removable cap, with its irregular shape, is the head. Muse are available in various shapes (which correspond to the various Muse: Albina, Bice, Clelia, Fausta, Lisa) and natural colors (petroleum, silk pink, cement, pale yellow, and chocolate). Like every object in the Collezione Caleido, Muse are produced by an Italian craftsman, selected by MM Company, who makes manufacturing and cultural excellence its strength. Muse are made by Vania Sartori, a ceramic artist-craftswoman based in Nove, in the province of Vicenza (Italy).


art direction
product design
materials and finishing selection