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Curatela mostra Zanine (R)Evolution

MM Company curated the exhibition Zanine (R)Evolution: a story by ETEL during the Milan Design Week 2019. Expressing an inescapable connection between man and nature, ETEL presents José Zanine Caldas’ seductive, bold and revolutionary creations at Milan Design Week 2019, accompanied by pieces designed by the other great masters of his time. The brand reinterprets the great Master, filtering his works through its own modernist aesthetic vision - here, symbolically represented by amber plexi panels – as well as offering a preview of some of the pieces that will become part of ETEL Permanent Collection. A vision, a protest, a story told through a special installation curated by MM Company that begins by identifying with Zanine’s personal and professional life. An itinerary that unravels various evolutionary and revolutionary scenarios linked to José Zanine Caldas; his multi-faceted relationship with Brazilian society, its environmental challenges and the ‘connections’ between the Master and the other protagonists of his time: Oscar Niemeyer, Sergio Rodrigues, Carlos Vergara, Lina Bo Bardi and Jorge Zalszupin.

scenario analysis
positioning analysis
trend analysis
strategic consultancy
art direction
creative planning
technical planning
materials and finishing selection
material experimentation
technical development
set up
construction site supervision
lexicon style analysis
tone of voice definition
copywriting and editing
photo shoot
graphic design