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Stand White September 2017

In September 2017 MM Company creates the booth for the shoe company Fragiacomo at White Milano. In order to illustrate the luxury of the brand and its materials, MM Company analyzed the Fragiacomo collections, identifying their stylistic elements, which are featured in the booth: the finest satin in the tones of teal and pearl grey, the shiny matt gold finishing and the iconic embroidered floral pattern. MM Company divided the space into three main areas, to exhibit the collections of the brand, while highlighting a pair of jewel shoes displayed inside an original safe. The product was displayed on thin custom-made golden pedestals, some of which laid on the floor, while others camouflaged with the pleated satin curtains.

scenario analysis
positioning analysis
competitor analysis
trend analysis
strategic consultancy
art direction
moodboard creation
creative planning
technical planning
materials and finishing selection
material experimentation
technical development
set up
construction site supervision
prop selection
set up
color consultancy
graphic design