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Design Prospettive Fantastiche Collection

MM Company designs “Prospettive Fantastiche” (Fantastic Perspectives), a capsule collection of four carpets for Matteo Pala, which draws inspiration from two-dimensional pencil sketches made by an architect while noting down design ideas born during a phone call.

Arcadia, Volumia, Elisia and Triplia are the names of the 4 drawings: compositions of “fantastic” geometric volumes, built starting from perspective projections that can be perfectly observed from every perspective. The rugs are the result of a combination of widespread creativity, materials and know-how. Each piece was designed in the design office of MM Company in Milan, then completely handknotted by expert Indian craftsmen - who follow ancient techniques and use the finest quality materials such as New Zealand wool and the silk - and then presented in Matteo Pala's exclusive showroom in Vicenza, located in the historical palace Villa Zileri.

The Prospettive Fantastiche collection is available in a sophisticated and minimalist colour palette and enriched by a materiality given by the different heights of the pile: to accentuate the vanishing lines and the sense of depth, the closer we get to the centre the shorter the pile is. The result is a synthetic and rationalist composition, made up of independent elements, but concatenated by a single graphic sign.


product design
materials and finishing selection