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Creative Direction Concept #micamtales

MICAM, the world's leading footwear trade show, entrusts MM Company with the creative direction starting in 2019, with accounting by Laureri Associates. As part of the assignment, MM Company is responsible for the vertical and horizontal supervision of all creative activities related to the Show, both in the traditional and digital spheres.

The first step of work involved the revision of the visual identity of the Fair: standardization of the logos, creation of a new visual image and a new system of graphic layouts, identification of a new font and relative rules of use, creation of a new color palette.

Secondly, we worked on the creation of a long-term communication concept that could guide all communication activities. The creative idea is #micamtales, the fairy tales of MICAM, a collection of fairy tales to wear to tell the dream world of creativity, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The concept acts as a frame to enclose the many stories told by the exhibitors with their collections, which transform the event into the world's leading creative salon dedicated to footwear.

Starting from the #micamtales concept, MM Company conceives and produces the advertising campaigns, one for each edition of the event. The agency has developed a storytelling inspired by the most iconic fairy tales: the first fairy tale was MICAM in Wonderland (click to discover the first chapter and the second chapter), the second MICAM Glass Slipper (click to discover the first chapter and the second chapter). The campaign shots are taken by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa, accompanied by short-movies directed by Daniele Scarpa, and include a selection of clothes and accessories chosen from the most promising fashion talents. 

At the same time, the agency is in charge of supporting MICAM with the conception of the communication mix strategy for the physical Fair and the digital Fair (click to read the focus on the digital creative direction for MICAM) and the consequent realization of all the communication materials

On the internal communication front, MM Company takes care of the design and tracking of MICAM websites and of the related communication/registration landing pages; of the realization of the newsletters addressed to visitors and exhibitors; of the management of social media and related interactions. Towards the Italian and international press, the agency is responsible for the drafting of campaign texts and the realization of paper advertising pages and digital banners.

In relation to the physical fair, the agency operates through 2 dedicated teams, which work in coordination. The graphic dept. realizes all the graphic materials destined to the promotion and the setting up of the physical Fair: invitations, passes, posters, covering of architectural structures, stamps, wayfinding, customization of merchandising. While the design dept. takes care of the exhibit-experience, with site-specific installations for each edition of the event linked to the advertising campaign, design of the press room, the VIP lounge and other reception areas.  

An integrated communication system that operates in a strategic and coordinated way.



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