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Creative Direction Concept

MICAM, the world's leading footwear trade fair, has entrusted MM Company with the creative direction for the years 2020-2024, with accounting by Laureri Associates. MM Company will be in charge of the new visual identity of the fair, art direction and production of the advertising campaign, graphic design of all paper and digital material, dem, social media and exhibit-experience.  

The creative idea that will accompany the trade fair for the next editions is #micamtales, MICAM’s fairy tales, a collection of “wearable fairy tales” that will narrate the dreamscape of creativity, reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The concept serves as a frame to enclose the many stories told by the exhibitors through their collections, which transform the event into the world's leading creative exhibition dedicated to footwear. In order to allow a clear visualization of the concept, the narration is developed through a different fairy tale for each year, divided into two distinct chapters: one in February (during the Fall/Winter edition of the Show) and one in September (Spring/Summer). The first fairy tale of 2020 is MICAM in Wonderland: a surreal transposition of the iconic fairy tale rendered through the images shot by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa and a series of 3 short-movies directed by Daniele Scarpa, which use irony as leitmotif, carrying the audience inside the set and expanding their experience.

In the first chapter of the series, related to the February 2020 edition of MICAM Milano 89, the public is plunged into the surreal universe of the iconic fairy tale when the protagonist was stuck inside a room.

While in the second chapter of the series, related to the September 2020 edition of MICAM Milano 90, guests move to the iconic garden, where a series of funny events take place: a tea drunk in the company of a white rabbit, a failed party despite the fervent preparations, or a bizarre experiment of painting white roses in red.



scenario analysis
positioning analysis
competitor analysis
trend analysis
strategic consultancy
art direction
moodboard creation
creative planning
technical planning
materials and finishing selection
lexicon style analysis
tone of voice definition
copywriting and editing
storyboard creation
communication planning
editorial planning
social network management
content development
prop selection
set up
photo shoot
video shoot
content publication
monitoring and reporting
graphic design