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Call us a consultants: MM's working method

In MM Company we are distinguished by an analytical, consulting approach, inspired by the great masters of design, whose aim was not to make extravagant revolutions, but to transform, thanks to design and creativity, everyday goods, otherwise banal, into products capable of striking the imagination and arousing emotion in the consumer. Creativity, applied to projects, gives additional values, able to give a new meaning to an object, a catalogue, an accessory. Far away from mass markets, the agency's projects are designed for companies that play their competitiveness on aesthetically qualified products made in a spirit of excellence.

Unlike free artists, our work consists of moving beyond the boundaries of what is possible, but adapting to the production possibilities of the industry. In fact, we must build the conditions to continue betting on our game as creatives, defending the industry so that it can continue to focus on quality, despite serial production. And, to achieve this, we must make sure that the innovation content of a product is fully understood by customers, and not just reach a very narrow niche of privileged people.

The style of our projects is geared towards achieving a synthesis that is essential and far removed from ostentatious pomp. Decoration, although for us it is an important part of the compositional process, is experienced as the final refinement of the idea, the accent of value, not the essence of the project itself. A rational modernist approach that always places function and need at the centre, but which also leaves room for people's dreams and aspirations, to be satisfied through aesthetics.

To succeed in making meaningful and valuable projects, you need something that not everyone - system and clients - are willing to give you, time. Everyone is so focused on doing, on processing, that they neglect what for us is the central phase of quality: re-elaboration. Returning to one's own ideas, reflecting on them, to review them, modify them, distort them if necessary, is an integral part of the creative process. It is important to focus on the premises - that is why we call ourselves consultants and not artists - but it is not enough. Every day we strive to convey the value of content, even in the fast digital world.

"I always seek perfection in my work and that of my team. They often call me determined, obstinate. I am proud of it - even if sometimes this makes me punctilious - because I believe that doing things well is the only acceptable way. I can't let things go, in fact I often dwell on things for endless review sessions. Fixing on something, and reviewing it over and over again, allows me to capture every single level of composition: I can listen to a song even thirty times in a row, as a child I used to review the same cartoon dozens of times. The game I like is the process of refinement, more than the result itself. I used to spend whole days building the perfect Playmobil scenario, but once everything was set up properly, in my own way, I would go out. The game was over".

One of the biggest challenges is to be able to decide when to be satisfied with a result. In creativity there are no objective parameters for this, checklists are not enough. In order to succeed you need to be resolute, ambitious and pragmatic. Values that distinguish the agency's industriousness.

1. approfondita analisi dell’azienda e del mercato

2. consulenza creativa: obiettivi da perseguire e strategia da attuare

3. piano attività da implementare

4. creazione dei materiali

5. misurazione dei risultati ottenuti

6. ottimizzazione: affinchè il piano di lavoro possa essere sempre più mirato ed efficace