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Creative consultancy Concept

Tecnoproject is one of the major Italian companies specialising in the design and creation of luxury retail and contract spaces: shops, shop in shops, corners, restaurants, auditoriums, hotels, banks and offices. The company entrusted MM Company with a creative consultancy, with the aim of updating the corporate image and managing all communication and promotion activities, in line with the positioning achieved over the years.

The first step was to make a detailed and composite analysis of the sector and its protagonists, paying particular attention not only to direct clients, the brands, but also to architects, who are the company's main interlocutors. From this, all the new elements that make up the new brand identity have been derived, whose main purpose is to present Tecnoproject with a more contemporary look&feel, capable of reconciling the dual technical and creative soul of the company.

The rebranding took shape with a complete redesign of the brand's visual layout, which incorporates graphic codes with a strong impact. In addition to a system of new layouts, a special visual was introduced: graphic windows, reminiscent of various architectural styles, to show the company's achievements in an iconic way on the various channels (website, social media, brochures, company profile). In addition to this, a new colour palette has been studied which combines more professional colours (blue and grey) with more characterful accents (salmon). Among the new colours, cement is certainly the main one, chosen to distinguish Tecnoproject from its competitors, who have always been identified with more classic tones.

MM Company's creative consultancy then focused on the main elements of the brand: the logo, updated with a more contemporary lettering, the "T" symbol, renewed in a more identifying key and relevant to the sector it belongs to; the payoff, transformed into the impactful claim "Your projects, done."; a new font for all the company's materials.

The agency then created all the new communication materials: traditional presentation media (business cards, headed paper, company profile) but above all digital. Particular attention was paid to the website: not just a simple showcase site, but a platform to tell the story of the company: its mission, keypillars, the services it offers, in a graphic form with a strong impact compared to its competitors. In addition to this, MM Company also took care of opening up the company's social channels, Instagram first and foremost, first presenting the change in branding, then telling the story of the company and its #byTecnoproject projects, as well as extra content such as industry trends and inspirations for the retail of the future.

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