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#InsiemeSiamoPiùForti (Together we are stronger) video manifesto for WHITE tradeshow

Made in Italy means excellence, made possible by the exceptional work done every day within an extensive network of small and medium-sized fashion companies. However, the global pandemic put us in front of a moment of pause, in which we realized that our realities are not isolated, but part of one big community. A universe of people who share entrepreneurial challenges but also dreams, such as being able to represent Italian excellence in the world.

From the #InsiemeSiamoPiùForti movement - started spontaneously by thousands of Italian SMEs of which WHITE has become the spokesman - was born the manifesto that has now become an emotional video.  The concept of the video, developed by the creative agency MM Company, retraces the different production chains of fashion to launch a reflection on how to rethink the whole system. From the daily scenes of working in the company to the most creative ones, the video wants to tell the alchemical combination of elements that make up the Made in Italy: creativity, cultural heritage, teamwork, qualitative production, ideas. 

"The excellence of made in Italy, of which WHITE is an ambassador, is made possible by four pillars: craftsmanship, design, authenticity and human capital - says Marco Magalini, art direction of the creative consulting agency MM Company -. In this video we tried to condense these aspects, giving a clear message: 'alone we are excellent, but together we would be extraordinary'. This does not mean losing one's identity and autonomy as a small company; but associating would allow small and medium entrepreneurs to deal with certain common issues with greater bargaining power".


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