he who becomes the slave of habit, who follows the same routes every day, who never changes pace, who does not risk and change the colour of his clothes, who does not speak and does not experience, dies slowly. he who does not travel, who does not read, who does not listen to music, who does not find grace in himself, dies slowly. only burning patience will lead to the attainment of splendid happiness

“die slowly”, pablo neruda and martha medeiros

MM Company is a creative consulting agency that operates in the field of branding and graphics, communication and design.

We provide answers to specific needs of companies, or help them identifying new and original paths aimed at creating or reinforcing the identity and the positioning of a brand, giving them added value, or strategically developing specific business areas. We take into consideration the references market, ensuring creative consultancy and respect for brand values.

work method

MM Company’s work method is built on six consecutive stages

1. It always begins with an in-depth analysis of the company and the market in which it operates.
2. We continue with our creative consultancy, which includes the set objectives and the related strategy to be adopted.
3. We establish the activities to be implemented, identifying priorities and timing.
4. We proceed with the creation of content: branding and graphics, communication, design.
5. We evalutate achievements through a phase of performance analysis and a careful assessment considering the set targets.
6. The process ends with the optimisation for an increasingly focused and effective work plan.
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mm company is a reliable and dynamic partner for both small and complex projects. The agency is often entrusted with the creative direction of a brand, entailing the management and coordination of all creative activities.

brand value

The product alone is no longer enough; it must be presented at its best and in a coordinated fashion. Knowing how to make a good product is no longer sufficient; the successful approach of the market, takes now a mix of strategic activities and coordination. Today, a brand must work on multiple channels, methodically opening up to the complexity of a liquid and multiform world, expressing its codes and values. A systemic approach, result of a digital revolution that has multiplied and fragmented the platforms. Nowadays, communication necessarily travels through a mix of images, paper, digital and social networks, which draw from the most varied creative worlds, without any boundary.


At MM Company we take into consideration the most heterogeneous perspectives, starting from what we feel closest to us: art, fashion, design, food, sports, music and culture. Where do all these ideas meet? They meet in a strategic consultancy that -with work method, creativity, technique and organization – is always aimed at the improvement of the entire process of consolidation of the brand in the market, rather than at single elements.

In order to successfully achieve its purpose, MM Company has developed a network of professionals – product, interior & web designers, art directors, copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, directors, communication professionals, printers, fitters, PR agencies, press offices – involved in every project, working in full alignment with the client’s identity and business strategies, while applying a common working method, which allows to operate with creative coordination and strategic vision.

a creative and at the same time pragmatic approach, that is capable of including and integrating all the facets of reality in a keledoscopic way.

digital approach

The activity of MM Company in the digital field stems from an assumption: digital is reality.

Every project must take into account all the implications of the online world, taking full advantage of its potential. We take on the challenge of translating the physical customers’ brand experience (such as entering a store or browsing through a catalogue), which has been consolidated throughout years, into an online activity? Its mere transfer is not sufficient; it must be reconsidered. A reinterpretation capable of expanding and reinforcing meeting opportunities between brands and customers, also relying on all the analytical and relational resources made available by digital platforms, such as social media, newsletters, websites, marketing automation, digital funnels.

In MM Company we follow our clients in the strenghtening of their activities, with strategy, creativity and care.

MM Dictionary


Despite adopting a consistent work method, every project is unique and is the result of a long process of research and analysis of the brand and the interconnessions with the market in which it operates.


MM Company is a creative, rational and focused interpreter. The internal team, the only interlocutor of the client, defines the strategy, manages the work and coordinates the work of all professionals involved.


Digital is reality. The agency offers services dedicated to online platforms and for the multi-channel integration of sales and communication projects.


MM elaborates concepts and visions that reach beyond clients’ requirements. The final result is always consultancy stemmed from the quality of research, examination, in-depth analysis, critical approach and ideas.


In each and every expression and relationship, MM looks for a quest for excellence. A mental approach that seeks perfection in work, budget management and optimisation, and workflow, incessantly fine tuning and surpassing achieved goal to achieve new ones.


The contemporary society represents a source of continuous inspirations to be integrated in a kaleidoscopic vision that connects areas such as fashion, art, design and food. MM Company embraces these perspectives, reworks them and then offers them to the clients in the form of projects.


The agency researches a heterogeneous universe of cultures and skills, capable of reviving intellectual curiosity and interpreting the evolution of contemporary society in every field.


Pursuing the research of unexplored solutions, MM’s projects are built upon a know-how that is deeply rooted in the identity, social and cultural heritage of contemporary society, in an unfailing interconnection between tradition and innovation.

Made in Italy

The agency has developed a know-how and a specific method which is deeply integrated in the culture of “Made in Italy” and that allows to connect with the companies in a privileged way. In our portfolio we have also international companies, who want to add an extra value to their business, collaborating with a creative and strategic interlocutor, whose Italian cultural identity is revisited though a contemporary perspective.


beyond art

At MM Company, our starting point is always a careful business analysis, which allows us to operate only once we have reached complete harmony with the company we are working for: knowing its work method, organization, production and commercial capacity, as well as its targets and markets. These aspects become our operational boundaries, which propel action, and transform us into rational and focused interpreters. Creativity is not art. The concept of art refers to the unconscious; to a free, pure and subjective expression.

MM takes on the challenge of conceiving a creative project that is in complete harmony with the company’s DNA and with the economical and social environment in which it operates. Our responsibility does not end with our customer’s satisfaction. We are an attentive and aware spokeperson for a creative movement that seeks new perspectives, suggesting new frontiers of identity aimed at strengthening the business.


There’s a need for new expressive, visual, intellectual and aesthetic forms of communication developed by creative professionals who are capable of employing images and words to explore their newfound communicative potential. Creative minds, theorists, humanists and designers of an aesthetical identity. At MM Company we seek to anticipate trends and, if necessary, to create new languages.

Our payoff is: “frames within the frame”, in other words, different original and unique projects we take on behalf of another company (catalogues, websites, stands) that must coexist inside a wider frame tailored to correspond to the identity of the brand.

creative direcion

Entrusting MM Company with the entire Creative Direction means relying on a competent, dynamic, and flexible structure to achieve a cross-cutting and comprehensive supervision on the whole creative system of a brand. We identify a univocal expressive language among the numerous activities of the brand and strengthen its positioning and the relationship with its customers.

A good Creative Director shows respect for the brand and understands the market and its historical context.