MM Company is a creative consultancy agency founded by Manuel Barbieri and Marco Magalini that curates the creative direction of brands or individual projects: branding and graphics, communication and design. The world of MM Company is made up of brands that are actually people: each one with its own conceptual and visual identity, a character, a tone of voice, a language. A real personality, to be conveyed in all phygital contexts.

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Despite adopting a consistent work method, every project is unique and is the result of a long process of research and analysis of the brand and the interconnessions with the market in which it operates.


MM Company is a creative, rational and focused interpreter. The internal team, the only interlocutor of the client, defines the strategy, manages the work and coordinates the work of all professionals involved.


Digital is reality. The agency offers services dedicated to online platforms and for the multi-channel integration of sales and communication projects.


white is our colour of choice we spend hours flipping through magazines,
we love the interconnections of the web era,
le jardin in marrakech and amour in paris are our favorite restaurants,
we cultivate our love of curiosity every day


MM Company is based in Milan, the European and international Capital of creativity. Milan represents the crossroads between business and creativity for all the agency’s operational fields - fashion, furniture, food and lifestyle – as well as the headquarters of some of the world’s major companies. The city is logistically connected with all other local and European production and manufacturing hubs.

MM Company understands the strategic advantage of its geographic position and chooses to split its presence between Milan -operational headquarters of the agency and creative studio, located in the new district of Porta Nuova-Garibaldi- and Verona as registered office and e pied-à-terre to best serve clients from the Veneto region.


Ph. Arnaldo Abba
manuel barbieri

After his specialisation in Product & Interior Design at Verona's Palladio Design Institute, Manuel Barbieri collaborates with companies such as Scandola Marmi, Margraf, Purapietra, Progetti and Linea Zero, improving his skills in the field of talent scouting and curation of special research projects. He is Co-Founder and Design Director of creative consultancy agency MM Company. Manuel Barbieri is also a Professor of Retail Design, Personal Branding and Event Management at Milan's Accademia Del Lusso.
marco magalini

Following his degree in Diplomacy and International Relations and subsequent Master in Luxury Brand Communication, Marco Magalini begins his career as fashion journalist, writing for important publications such as ‪‬‬‬‬‬‬, Fashion Illustrated, Urban, The Huffington Post, LaRepubblica and D. In 2014, he publishes his first book “Moda”. “Il nuovo made in Italy”, with a foreword by Renzo Rosso (founder of Diesel, part of the OTB group). He is co-Founder and Creative Director of MM Company.He is also a lecturer at the Accademia Del Lusso in Milan, where he teaches courses of Made in Italy, Luxury System, Contemporary Fashion Scenarios and Brand Management.
Ph. Arnaldo Abba
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